You’re On a Mission

Trust me, I get it.

Your business is growing, but you’re struggling to provide the type of high-quality content that attracts and retains clients and readers.

But you’re not just building a business.

You’re building a movement.

You’re not just attracting readers.

You’re attracting a following.

My SEO strategy will ensure that your content is found by the right people.

My copy ensures that those readers stick around.

I’m Elizabeth, and I provide high-quality content for solopreneurers, small businesses, and healthcare organizations.

My content connects with readers in a sincere way. Every piece I write is full of helpful, research-based content that directs readers to your bottom line.

My content gets results:

  • more clicks
  • more email sign-ups
  • more product sales
  • more raving fans

No gimmicky sales techniques. No pushy marketing.

Just tried-and-true strategies that bring the right clients and readers to your content.

And keeps them there.

Why me?

You don’t have time to mess around.

You need a writer who:

  • Delivers ahead of schedule
  • Responds promptly to correspondence
  • Provides thoroughly researched articles
  • Writes with precision and attention to detail
  • Incorporates appropriate SEO strategies to ensure your content is found by the right people
  • Engages readers with clear, intelligent prose

Need another reason?

I have the hands-on experience that will get the job done.


Your healthcare organization needs a writer they can trust, with real-life experience in patient care, research, and public health.

This is why you can trust me:

  • I am a Registered Nurse with a B.S. from Georgetown University who specialized in emergency and trauma care.
  • I have a Masters in Public Health from The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where I specialized in behavior change and global health.
  • I am comfortable with long-form health writing. I wrote my Master’s thesis on the healthcare system in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • I have international nursing experience. I volunteered in a nursing capacity in an emergency room in Medellin, Colombia and a clinic in Bogota, Colombia, where I also taught medical students — in Spanish — about evidence-based birth.
  • I have experience with medical research papers and preparing articles for publication. I have edited numerous research papers for medical journals and prepared journal articles for publication.

As a freelancer, my clients have come from around the world. I specialized in turning their on-the-ground expertise into concise, evidence-based writing that clearly communicated their findings to the medical and healthcare communities.

In other words, I know a thing or two about healthcare, patient care, and quality research.

If you’re looking for clear and engaging content for your health care website, journal article, or business copy, then you’ve come to the right place.

I guarantee that my writing will engage your audience, even if the topic is dense. And you can trust that every line of content is backed up by solid, reputable evidence.

Education & Curriculum Development

As a Fulbright Student Scholar, I taught over 300 students at the university and high-school level in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Not only this, but I was the first Fulbrighter on the ground in Sarajevo after the war, so I had to forge my own path. I created my own curriculum and materials for every lesson, often with extremely limited resources.

I understand how to present material in a way that engages the particular audience in front of me.

Because let’s face it, not every student is coming from the same place. Unless we appeal to their unique needs, there’s no guarantee that they’ll assimilate the material.

Whether your business needs include an e-book, course content copy, or simply a series of blog articles, I can work with your unique situation to ensure your audience recognizes the value of what you have to share with the world.

Did I mention I’m also a homeschooling mom of three? Trust me, there’s no greater challenge in the world than teaching your own kids. If I can convince a four-year-old that learning how to read is fun, then I’m confident that I can help your own content jump to life for your audience.


We’re a Foreign Service family, which means I’ve lived in four countries in the last ten years.

I know what it’s like to travel off the beaten path, and I understand first-hand the joys — and the challenges — of a nomadic lifestyle.

My travel writing stands out because of that first-hand experience. When I write about travel hacks or location-specific tips, it comes from a place of authenticity.

I’m also comfortable with long-form travel writing. My book on the culture and customs in Bosnia-Herzegovina emphasizes the practical tips that travelers need to not just survive, but to enjoy their time abroad.

Parenting, Birth, and Motherhood

I’m a mom to three young kids. I’ve also completed doula training and attended numerous births both in the US and abroad.

I’m passionate about helping parents simplify life with kids, and I write extensively about parenting and motherhood on my personal blog, Simple Tender Joyful.

It’s my sincere belief that motherhood is a community and we all benefit when we share and grow together.

Ready to get started?

I’d love to help you reach your business goals.

Please find out more about my rates and services here. If you have a specific project in mind, contact me with your requirements.

Still have questions?

You can review my portfolio here or read my freelancing blog here.

I’d be happy to answer any other questions you might have via email or Skype. You can reach me at Elizabeth {at} EMFreelancing {dot} com.

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